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  • By Mal Peter
  • 25 Oct, 2016


The Spring Carvinal is upon us – Are you ready? Which ever race day you’ll be attending, ensuring your timeline is booked in and ready will make prep so much easier.

4 Weeks Out – Facial

Keep your skin glowing and makeup ready by ensuring it’s deeply cleansed and nourished. Our signature treatment, the Vortex Hydrafacial, works by combining microdermabrasion exfoliation with a chemical peel and finishes with a tool that deeply infuses vitamins and skin nourishing ingredients deep into the epidermis. Follow up with a good quality skincare routine to ensure your results are kept at their best for the day

3 Weeks Out – Injectables

Since anti ageing injections can take up to two weeks, plan your appointment carefully to ensure maximum results when you want them the most. Many of our clients opt for a combination of anti ageing and dermal enhancement injections to create volume as well as relax fine lines and wrinkles. Our most common combo? Relaxing crows feet and marionette lines (vertical lines from mouth corner to chin) and adding volume to lips and the mid cheek area. Book in for a free, no obligations consultation here to discuss what your personal needs are

10 Days Out – Waxing

Did you cringe reading that? Waxing can be a thankless task, but if the day calls for it, ensure it’s done away from your tanning appointment for a no-streak finish. We love IPL hair removal, which we recommend done every 4 – 6 weeks to ensure full effects. Don’t let your next Racing season be so painful!

1 Week Before – Manicure and Pedicure

We’re all about lasting beauty, so recommend shellac for feet and fingers. Enjoy chip free colour for up to fourteen days – but more importantly, it allows you to skip the Racing Season last minute rush for fresh nails.

3 Days Before – Tan

Taking a few days before to tan allows time for your colour to develop, and to ensure you can correct any mistakes made. Always ensure you apply using a tanning mitt (and keep an exfoliating mitt on hand just incase!)

1 Day Before – Chill Out!

Rest up, eat good healthy food and make sure your shoes are broken in. You’ll feel more relaxed (and therefore glowing and lovely) if you are well rested.
Happy Spring Carnival!
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The Spring Carvinal is upon us – Are you ready? Which ever race day you’ll be attending, ensuring your timeline is booked in and ready will make prep so much easier.
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