Keeping skin youthful and getting the best results from treatments requires a commitment to a high quality skincare regime beyond your visit to our skin clinic. A daily routine, performed morning and night, means you are giving your skin the best chance to renew, nourish and to be protected. The result? Glowing, younger looking skin.
Generally speaking, we advise a three step system of cleansing, nourishing and moisturising.


A good quality cleanser removes dirt, pollution and sweat without stripping the skin of its natural oils and protective layers. Skin should never feel tight or raw after cleansing.


Nourishing your skin usually comes in the form of a serum, essence or ampoule, and are often the most potent step to a good skincare routine. These products are full of antioxidants, vitamins and skin loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid to hydrate and fruit extracts to gently exfoliate. Recommendations differ from client to client, and our staff are happy to discuss your needs and goals.


Moisturisers act as the final step of hydrating and protecting the skin, and “sealing in” the potent ingredients from your nourish step. Your skin needs differ from morning to evening, so choosing a day and night moisturiser ensures you are protecting from sun damage in the AM (with an SPF of at least 30+) and enhancing the renewing ingredients of your night time routine in the PM.
Adding to your routine is, of course, our skin treatments and facials, to enhance your results .Speak to us today about incorporating a range of treatments into your ongoing skin journey.


At The Doctor’s Studio, we recommend Medik8, Aspect Dr, Skin Ceuticals, Biopelle, Dr Spiller and Dermaceutics products. These brands are cosmeceutical grade, meaning they can only be sold and recommended by licensed professionals. Both ranges offer a variety of solutions to various skin issues. Below is a break down of some skin-loving ingredients you can find in many of these products, as well as our treatments:


Vitamin C in stabilised form is a highly valuable addition in skincare, as it encourages the growth and development of collagen. Studies have also shown Vitamin C can treat UV induced photodamage. Vitamin C products are often used to treat dullness, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and marking, and signs of ageing


Unlike many products which make the skin only feel good, vitamin A products actively change the skins structure as well as feel great. Vitamin A, in its retinol form, benefits the skin by reducing pore size with its sebum controlling benefits, increasing collagen and elastic content in the skin and reducing unwanted pigmentation. We strongly recommend retinol products to most clients (retinol may be too strong for some sensitive skin; pregnant and breast feeding women should never use retinol) for its fantastic benefits from acne prone to ageing skin.


This ultra hydrating ingredient is the hero of our signature facial, the Vortex Hydrafacial. While the name might seem intimidating, hyaluronic acid actually assists the dermis in retaining water, as binds to moisture, keeping it where it needs to be. One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six litres of water, so this hard hitting molecule is a vital ingredient for youthful and plump skin.
Like all good things, active skincare results can take time, so commit to a routine you are able to keep up.


If you are prone to acne, we recommend a good quality mineral makeup as a day to day option. Mineral makeup is also generally kinder to sensitive skin and usually without irritating fragrances and additives. Look out for brands that have high SPF ratings to protect your skin from photoageing.


Renewal of your skin slows down as you age, and one of the best ways to lessen the impact of this is by ensuring you are getting proper nutrition. Your nutritional needs will vary due to factors like gender, age and lifestyle choices (Smoking, vegan, halal etc.) and should be advised upon by professionals. Generally speaking, however, we recommend a ‘clean’ diet of wholefoods, which means as few processed and refined ingredients as possible. Many clients benefit from consulting with a naturopath, who will recommend supplements for them which are beneficial to their overall health as well as, of course, their skin, hair and nails.


Our Australian sun, outdoor lifestyle and long summers mean that people with fair skin can age more rapidly and be at higher risk of skin cancer. So it is important to protect your skin from UV radiation.
It is also important to Slip, Slop, Slap (as the old SunSmart campaign told us) but it is also very important to get sunlight for the vitamin D effect. A huge percentage of the population are vitamin D deficient.
You can probably get enough vitamin D from about 15 minutes sun exposure of forearms, hands and neck (check the Cancer Council guidelines for your circumstances).


Of course, the best way to have glowing skin is to be young, fit and healthy, living in a no-stress environment and accessing only fresh wholesome foods to enjoy – but this just isn’t realistic!
If you’re not a “unicorn” that can experience this, improve your skin and body as a whole by considering the factors above, as well as non-destructive ways of nourishing your body. Stress plays a large role in our overall health, which can be reflected in our skin. Move your body more, through dance or exercise, practice stress management like meditation or yoga, and remember to do what you love, regularly.
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