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  • By Mal Peter
  • 29 Apr, 2016
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Winter 2016 is all about glowing skin, hydrated features and a youthful complexion. Read on for our June Specials and Promotions.


Say goodbye to chapped, Winter ravaged lips: The Freya has arrived.

Using advanced dermal injection technology, the Freya utilises the hydration and moisture attracting elements of traditional lip injections to create a long term solution for lips that are chapped, cracked and generally challenged by the dehydrating effects of wind, drying central air con heating and a lack of hydration.

Exclusive to The Doctor’s Studio, we use a small amount of dermal product* made up of a protein found naturally in the body. This ingredient draws moisture to the area, potentially correcting dry lips. Clients can also anticipate a mild plumping effect, adding to the overall look of healthier, beautiful lips.

Forget regular maintenance – You can enjoy the plumped and hydrated look of the Freya for around 3 months. Perfect for our harsh Melbourne Winters!

To introduce Freya to our menu, the first 50 clients to book will recieve their treatment for only $285. Offer ends July 15th, not exchangeable for any other product or offer.

*Due to TGA regulations in Australia, we are unable to name certain products pertaining to injections and dermal fillers. Book your free consultation here to learn more about the products we use, and why we only choose the best quality.


Your face is unique. Let’s treat it that way.
This month, enjoy a customised series of anti-ageing injections in key areas tailored to your needs. Rejuvenate tiredness, banish lines and embrace a youthful complexion with 40 units of anti-ageing injections for only $350 (valued at $555)

Enjoy your free consultation with all our treatments to discuss with our highly qualified cosmetic nurses your needs and options for optimal results.


Don’t let Winter steal your skin’s radiance. Keep hydrated with our ultimate Hydrate + Regenerate package.

Enjoy our signature Vortex Hydrafacial and experience our latest Freya treatment for more hydrated looking, plumper lips. Keep up that post treatment glow with your own Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Acid serum for take home use. Read more about our Vortex Hydrafacial treatment here .

Valued at $598, book yours today for only $449. Limited spots available, not exchangeable for any other service or product.

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Winter 2016 is all about glowing skin, hydrated features and a youthful complexion. Read on for our June Specials and Promotions.
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